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How do I activate Rogers Online Protection?

Rogers Online Protection activation fails, or indicates that the services should be activated but are not when Rogers Online Protection is restarted.

Cookies are being blocked and this prevents the successful activation of Rogers Online Protection. Conflicting applications can also stop the activation process from properly executing.

Restart the activation process by removing any existing activation information using the Diagnostic Utility.

  1. Close Rogers Online Protection activation window.
  2. Click Start, select Programs, then Rogers Online Protection folder and click Diagnostic Utility.
  3. When the Diagnostic Utility is opened, click OK then Next.
  4. Diagnostic Utility will execute multiple tests.
  5. Click Perform repairs.
  6. From the menu, choose Remove Activation Files and click OK.
  7. Open Rogers Online Protection by double-clicking the Rogers Online Protection icon on your desktop.
  8. When the activation screen appears, enter your account information and wait for the confirmation.
  9. When you are notified that the activation is complete, press Finish.

If it is still not active, verify your cookies settings to ensure that cookies are enabled on your computer then retry the procedure above. 

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