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How do I configure my Rogers Online Protection Firewall?

Question: How do I configure my Rogers Online Protection Firewall?

Answer: As a first step to ensuring your protection, you must ensure that it is enabled.

1. Open Rogers Online Protection.
2. Click Firewall and select Enable Firewall.

Note: Clearing Enable Firewall will disable the Firewall and leave your computer unprotected against intrusions.

After the Firewall is enabled, you can work interactively with Firewall alerts to build a set of Internet Access Rules. The Firewall comes with a set of pre-defined firewall rules. To customize the Firewall and create additional rules, simply continue using your programs as you normally do.

When a program is trying to connect to the Internet for the first time, an alert will appear asking you to allow or block its Internet access. Use this prompt to either permit or block the network activity. Selecting the Remember option on the alert, will automatically update the Firewall Internet Access Rules with a rule for this program.

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